utterances from the dark

March 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

as we try to breach fortifications
you dive behind relentless drapery disallowing any contraband sunlight     

               passed from

               smugglers hand to

               smugglers hand
bouquets and bottles are left for

guard dogs of your endless night

to sniff and piss on
we hear you pleading for a way 

to tap into maddeningly elusive mania

how could we not

the mourn is relentless 
we’ve no summation for

this repetition 

can find no correlation

between strangely

unhinged episodes

and the beautiful results 
we want to travel with you 

try to walk with you on

the waters

of your Galilee

it just laughs and consumes 
outside your wall

we try to comprehend

your mutterings as transcribed
we ultimately fail
but we listen
(c) 2017 Fred Whitehead 


a day in February

February 25, 2017 § 2 Comments

a day in February
isn’t usually this warm 
I am below a struggling sun

thinking of the instinct of birds 

and arranging plantings in my head 
I hear the oratory of my granddaughters 

as they stage one of their melodramas

in the leafless copse

at the back of the yard
I move some rolled up fencing

from this place to that

for no other reason than to temporarily 

placate an itch to be the in the garden

and to be

in some small way

of purpose 
I follow their song as they weave

among the trees

envious of their innocence 

as they spiral outward
ignoring for now

their lodestar 

as it beckons their attention

from the edge of forever 
(c) 2017 Fred Whitehead 

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Erysses book 2 – IX

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please think of me as
I so often



you do
my patience

             (now exhausted
I could not tell by your longing

what kind of flower almost bloomed

no language has a word for it
even though it was a weak joy

we sought the very shape of it

changed since those first wonderings
when all that was of concern was 

constructing our own narcotic


                   to go along

                   some natural course
but we 

drew the pin out of that ordinance
threw it on the road before us 
now we are but voices in our heads

linked together by rain

and rain only
     sitting all day in a picture


a kind of evening feeling

a quiet dusk
(c) 2017 Fred Whitehead 

as far as January Saturday’s go

February 4, 2017 § Leave a comment

my fingerjoints
by the wind were stiffened

yet with some hint of sun

in the grey my spirits

lifted with thought of winters ending 

with collar around face as bandage

I stepped

as lively as could manage out to the coop with water and feed

seeing tracks in snow leading 

to a few doe at the back of the lot

if not for that

nothing new to the day 

back inside 

I’ll hide from the woes that trickle without end across wireless

though tired I’ll read from a stack

leaning back in my chair

reworking the homestead in my head

until I sleep simply

for the sake of sleeping 
(c) 2017 Fred Whitehead 

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untitled 12/22/2016

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untitled 12/22/2016
star cloud rising above spire 

some prelude to release 

northern chill as a finger spider

prowling from

base of spine to base of skull
                    is there plausibility

                    among the trees?
I wonder

if I could ever

care enough to

take up axe
and if so

will I find only regret 

back to stump

fighting sleep

surrounded by the fallen
(c) 2016 Fred Whitehead