every face

December 9, 2016 § 3 Comments

first thought this morning
            was that it

could be gravity was invented for the sole purpose of reminding us

how easy it is to fall
from there it progressed as usual 

thumb to grinder lid

cats sent a-scatter by the racket 
hair shoved under cap

then out to where

every face tells a story 
                 I used to know that

guy over there pretty well 

I know he

can’t throw off his addiction

to digging holes

I think when we were younger 

             I even


             him a shovel once
I’d apologize now 

if I could remember the circumstances 

that lead to the exchange 
passing the cafe

I see the couple at the corner table

silently spooning sugar 

heard they got their legs tangled up

during the matrimony waltz 

and’ve been

walking with a limp

ever since
I nod to a girl

pacing just outside the door 

every few seconds

she checks to see if the heart

on her sleeve is still beating 

                   oh, it is

                   quite audibly 
at the end of the block

a firebrand beckons 

behind an orange crate pulpit
                                       beside him

                                       an empty tip jar

                              a full suggestion box

and for his eyes

not one unnoticed flaw
this is where the come to feed

on whatever is shoveled into the trough

of codependent driven psychosis 
they flow through the streets here

like tears through a sluice box
all that remains 

are precious trailings

for the kings carrion 

to pick over
(c) 2016 Fred Whitehead 


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