cultivation theory

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things I don’t want to know about
ourselves waver then explode from
the screen in a
massive informational interface
still – this social reality,
it is just as it is
engineered to be

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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• •.• n e
•.• re F (lek) tyv
suurr fayz •. •
wil Do •.••
•.•• 4 fynd – inque
•.• ur ohnn
••.• faltz


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there is no wall
between sanity
and insanity
just a rope line
with a silver hook
and a bouncer
who is known to
take bribes


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you might find meaning
in the mumblings
of the maddened or
in the ejecting of
the derelict
the night could find a body
left with understanding
or left
by the law and the
things they do
the tequila accepts the lime
a mind accepts
the noise
the street,
and it is
only the street, that
does not turn away
anyone with something to
say to the sky

the only thing
big enough
to listen

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead

war fever

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she could do nothing
to cure the culture
that infected
the man engaging his countries enemy
in his old room
in the home

of the woman holding
a cold rag
to his forehead

hush now, honey
we got
to bring
this war fever down
she said

she opened the window
to let January blow across
his dessert
and sat as he crushed
her hand,
waiting for recognition
to return to his eyes

she prayed the same unanswered
she cursed the same unaccountable
she stayed until he shuddered
to sleep at dawn
then she left, with a
a light on and the window open
just in case his spirit
was still searching
for the way home

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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—- sus?e\<|e<|
i\ &m6er ()= —-
—- <|()mi\&\ce
remem6ere<| —-
—- =()r & £i=e
6e=()re +he —–
resi\ h&r.<|e\e<| •••

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead

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