13 shots

September 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

Rooster Cogburn got 13 shots
I saw it right there on my 

beige Zenith
I’ve taken a few

road signs are pockmarked 

all along the cow paths that

crosshatch my existence 
but, I’m on the fence about this one

at the stick of a

no. 2 Warthog positioned for strafing
the offending phraseology 

staring jauntily from shrubbery 

in barely effective Ghillie suits of

ill spaced syllables
that, my cherubs, is

the scrum of evolution 
a brief but noticeable tightening 

of the gluteus usually occurs 

at first strike with perhaps

a slight side slip of the

but I’m always at the sink after

tracing a line from crows nest

to acne scar
there is ritual wringing of cloth

a scarlet spiral

and the bloodied hands

of frightful revision
(c) 2016 Fred Whitehead 


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