God, syrup and unattainable tranquility 

January 16, 2016 § 1 Comment

God, syrup and unattainable tranquility 
       Headline – Cops: nude woman   

       attacks Waffle House customers
the morning presented me with a fog in regards to the previous nights activities and all I wanted was to placate my jones for boysenberry
and sit alone in a booth

to mull over my

plans for a relatively comfortable 

existence going forward
and then

here she comes
with God on her side

not a stitch on her hide and

a passion to convert the 

breakfast crowd burning

in her hitherto 

“safe for family consumption”

and my simple wish for

a peaceful secular forkful of

griddle cake was dashed

against the jagged rocks

known outside of our borders

as good ol’

Crazy American Jesus
as she was working her way

down the aisle 

the only thing I could do

was find haven

on the far side of my booth

wave my fork

as a defensive measure 

and shift the condiment caddy

and napkin dispenser forward
a battlement of paper and plastic 

I hoped would at least distract

St. Agnes of Perpetual Nyuknyuks

from getting her buck 98 

airbrushed specials into me

before my hash browns arrived
luckily for me

(and trust me when I say

that luck pretty much washed

it’s hands of me a while back)

the guy she was grappling with

at this point tripped over

some old lady’s oversized satchel 

and they both went down

by the whiteboard scrawled

with the daily specials
about this time

East Podunks finest

were elbowing each other

through the door

Glocks at the ready

itchilly fingering

tasers that were set on fry
so I rounded my check up to the

nearest dollar, added 10 bucks

to cover the entertainment 

and slipped out the

employees entrance
safe in the knowledge that

anything they tell me I did

last night

pales when compared 

to the sway of true rapture 
(c) 2016 Fred Whitehead 



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