a glancing question

October 6, 2015 § 3 Comments

it came like a gnat

momentarily bothersome

briefly distracting
would I be inhaling October

and pulling the last of the carrots if Goliath had ducked?
leaving a prospective King

to stare at his sling like

it was as faulty as his faith
I suppose it possible

– if a distant grandfather

held a membership card in

that particular tribe

as was fleet foot enough

to lead the retreat

to find a nice girl waiting

for him

in some backwater

far from the troubles
or it could be that

I came from

the guy who helped

the lumbering goon to the challenge

feeding him lines written

to intimidate and promising

a substantial raise in pay

if he waved his sword

convincingly and

the whole shindig

came down in their favor
I swatted it away

mostly because
getting to answers

for questions such as this

is not not unlike

trying to hit a knuckleball

in a windstorm
and besides

there were tomato cages

to nest together and lean

against the back of the garage

next to the bamboo sticks

and rolls of rabbit fence

corn stalks to pull and stack

a hedgerow to whip into

an acceptable shape
and of course

horse shit

to spread
if history teaches us anything

there is


(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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