Bewilderhof – 40

April 20, 2015 § 4 Comments

Chapter 40
– hypo 
his needle is
is to stay
in excelsiored dreamscape,
a final conversation
always a playback away
         but the rooster
         sticks to the only
         plan he knows
a rumpled man rises to

notice a sickle in the sky

it brought to mind
                 the moon
as it was the night he realized
there was to be
a portion he
would have to
leave behind
a segment of his youth
the ages
would have to decide
             a proper place for 
now he        (     if
captured in archival footage   ) 
     would be observed
     seemingly to be waiting
for certain years
to die, finally, a
quiet death
guard bird sings truth to an audience of dawn and the one
destined to spend
his remaining time on 
this stage
(cobbled from coffin planking
& emptied book shelving)
balancing clarity 
(a plate spinner
in monochromatic perpetuity)
trying to forget names
trying to forget numbers
trying to cold turkey 
an addiction 
to the rewind
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead

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