Bewilderhof – 37

April 1, 2015 § 1 Comment

Bewilderhof – 37
Chapter 37
– a question of surface tension 

how many times

can a man drown
in brine of self imposed   
    delusion  before resigning
himself to 
until currents bring him
upon brighter shores?
this question
– nowhere among
  files in overflow
scheme as panacea for a less placating curriculum 
              modus cogitatio
his, his
as moss replicating
behind towering glass,
citified corpuscular 
moves in arterial confusion
      never stopping
not for lights not for pedest
not for rest nor right of way
they in 
the hive         thrum
with occasional bend of 
neck to follow 
      angle of        dusk
may catch a pane
         that does not reflect 
last light
               of day
& he may catch the squint 
        & be raised by it
sustained by their
but who can be certain it is not just another in a growing chain of false risings
a momentary surfacing
of nostril 
above the breakers
sets in again
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead 

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