Bewilderhof- 36

March 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

Chapter 36
– strokes
continue to
perish (at an increasingly heady clip it would seem)
lack of oxygenation, you see,
a probable cause:
jagged bone of superstition 
in throat of reality 
simple worlds
by painters of echoes
ricochet off barriers 
leaving only
      proof of existence 
one such
with a 10 tined rake
for a brush
leaves long strokes
on familial acreage  
with each pull through
the dirt he
for colors in
those echoes 
a palette of voices 
a chorus of 
the comfortably familiar
and nerve testing new 
every season an
unrecognized masterpiece
to be gessoed over
by the hand of winter
the aging artist
looks at his canvas from
the barn door
a crescent wrench
in one greasy hand
a glow plug in the other
fugitive above him
in fitful asleep in the seat
of the ancient tractor 
eyes darting behind 
following the proceedings 
of a meeting 
between mother and son 
a continent away
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead 

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