Bewilderhof – 35

March 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 35
Chapter 35
– reunion 
the bail jump unfol
ded paper
     again lines 
and orde
red another beer
‘how much time 
has fallen away from you
as you filed
    grooves into bars
             when all along 
the door would have
opened with the 
right question

if you want to know

what a thing is

take it from 
the shelf
     take it apart
see it with eyes of a child
       as I have done with you’
thinking as he sipped
of temperament 
under the spell of curiosity 
on how all else
retreats to the wings
this thing
disassembled before him
a conglomeration of gears
tooled to drive an unknown 
parts of an equation observed 
to determine sequence 
and reaction 
lost in another trance of deciphering 
he never noticed the lights
or the matronly figure 
standing next to his table
until she gently took
the note out of his hand
and ordered
a tea
from a passing waitress
“you have never had the patience for riddles” she said, putting the note into her handbag 
“I’ve the patience, it’s tolerance I’m a bit short of”
“I can hardly stand the man myself at times, may I sit?”
he pushed the chair opposite him out with a foot
“sure thing mom, how you been?”
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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