Bewilderhof- 30

March 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 30
Chapter 30
– the doubt of fugitive 
feeling like an Argus stricken 
     blind in 99
           letting some escape to
take place        
isolated guilt
in the loft     (sweet though 
               it was with   
               softness of its own)
he wondered    where he
would find the will
to remove himself


          thumb of destiny 

could he hope to one day
        from the axis 
that actuated     his  befalling 
having taken a bullet for nature,
sits like a monument 
           an artifact of bypassed
for his moment of turning 
he leans out
to catch certain inflection in the whispers of the wind
hoping for
a hint of satire
            a comedic setup 
he figured it was a 25 ft. drop
& considered testing his
employ    but
the gloved hand of trepidation
caught him by the belt loops
& reeled him in
in name       this lot was
duty for its own sake or
self preservation 
2 demons fused at the hip
will turn jaws to
the most convenient target
when no other is near
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead

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