Bewilderhof – 29

March 1, 2015 § 3 Comments

Bewilderhof – 29
Chapter 29
– excremental existentialism 
sloth dropped an empty bottle into a milk crate and took another
larger one
from the bag
into the same crate went the dead flowers from the long untended vase
after the uncorking
he poured his cheap vintage
into it
as situational thoughts knocked about his head
Bewildehof was wheeling a barrow of compost by the shed when sloth called him to the window
“you there,” he slurred
“I’m sure you think it is a thing too early    this drink
a sign of wrongness 
irresponsible when rumors of
impending uproar are being
bantered about the barnyard 
– decadent even

decanting a bit of

from         a jeroboam of darksomeness

– a practice
       one could look upon
    at times
a playful
against earthworks of permanence 
            I suppose –
     it is / or could be
just a juxtaposition of perceived justices
& as such
it is only        (as much as
one can gather it is)  true
to the business of history 
                 but, this is just
                 a  guess
ahhh, merely thinking
on this is a bother
and bothers usually
come in pairs
so forgive me
my leaving      you     with
a stub of conversation
but I would rather be
getting on
to other distractions
the next one
arrives      coming at me from silverized glass and aether as reminder that the instant you touch the mirror you become  
then talk
of rods
talk      of cones
concerning the quantum
     & who is doing the asking?
     & from where the answers?
when it comes to these questions 
there are no boundaries 
save those created by humankind    trenches dug
to keep themselves contained
      oh how
they spend what little
time they are given 
patrolling these 
useless perimeters 
       the whole time    praying 
                    for release
what is it you wish to be released from mister ‘hof?”
Bewilderhof, bewildered, looked at the bloated face in the window
then at the barrow took a moment 
then replied 
“near as I can tell, we are all just simple folk wheeling a load of shit from one end of our lives to the other, spreading a bit here and there hoping something nice sprouts from the whole fetid mess”
sloth raised
the vase to his lips 
Bewilderhof touched
the rim of his cap
in an offhand
(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead 

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