Bewilderhof – 26

February 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 26

Chapter 26
– judging tides

the fact of it,
quod illusio,
is that there is not a one
first to evoke a
hefty ridding of speculation
about intention
– his particularly

secondly, to consciously form alliance with him

though in his mind
there was
no solitude

he applied himself to hours
in transitory calm
fielding questions
from within
on sidewalks in thick evenings
on benches by the waterfront
at his desk
his window

times spent
earning ounces of defiance
times of learning
from unwarranted proclamations against birthright

he perceives
he is
forefront of legion, and
when pressed, he claims to have proven provenance of
his credentials at every

reality wears
many a mask
as it watches
from shore

every ship
he has captained lost
every crew mutinied

from the sea he flounders in
he knows he will raise
flag atop another

to swim
clockwise in a counter clockwise whirlpool
using the only two
things left to his advantage:
patience and narcissism

he lifts the financial pages
from a newsstand as he makes his way to an upscale joint in the
center of his metropolis

sits alone as he does often
opens a menu
and ponders a
plot line of a maelstrom

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead

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