Bewilderhof – 24

February 14, 2015 § 1 Comment

Bewilderhof – 24

Chapter 24
– “…silver beams can
lead the way”

May 1965

every morning
the gardens
seemed to change

spring and summer
in their
one last time
before pulling away
from each other
with bow and curtsy

a boy watched
through porch railings
a mother watched
over rims of
wire spectacles
they both
watched the
moon & star & sun
of their small
upstate universe)

as she ran past
poppy and myrtle
– off to gather eggs

on that morning
when mother and son
were being serenaded from
kitchen door
radio low with
Patti Page
Allegheny Moon

a strange melody
weaved its way into
the song
replacing its sonic DNA with
one of its own

mother turned toward
unfamiliar sound
catching sight of her girl
from a corner of an eye
gingham starchild
coming toward the house
basket in hand

she was almost to the door when she heard her boy scream an incomplete
a scream
that seemed
to have been
sucked out of the air

into a vacuum
along with the weirdly hypnotic song
that hijacked the radio
and every birdsong
every cowbell
every wind chime

a mother whirled

where her girl had been
there was now only a cloud of fire flies spinning into the air
a basket of eggs
spilled on the ground

the boy pointed at the sky
silently mouthing
a sisters name

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead

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