Bewilderhof – 21

February 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 21

Chapter 21
– of nests and everything after

the magistrate watched the reflection of lights flitting around the rim of his wineglass and said,
as they
in the middle
of his office –

“I recall,
you were a certain
child once, the remembered mother gathered together
hair of your head
banded in ribbon
when you were
this child
the mother,
cut your tail
on your insistence why
you didn’t stay alongside
her very long, well, sometimes a tangle stays
a tangle – though
you did
leave her a relic –
one, however, of sorrow
secured with
scented with
essence of an incomplete
you became for her a breath
from the other side
– frosting the windows
of her frigid rooms”

“take caution,” the ruby replied
“if you
allow me to
fill in your pauses,
the flavor of your
pontification may not pair
so nicely with that vintage”

“I would gather those pauses up then, to see what universes your disjointed narrative
open for exploration” he turned to face her
“you see, you may
have lit a fuse
when you stepped off the
edge of her nest,
it is long, yes
and it is slow,
but it continues to burn
along its course
he sniffed at the glass
“it is specific science –
intelligent integration of thought and nonthought that feeds the fuse and keeps it on target”

the Dutchess walked over to his desk, took the box from her handbag and set it in front of the magistrate
“while we are on the subject of thoughts, would you care to invest one on this?”

she opened the box

the magistrate
to mask disdain
for the situation
as the bird inside
stirred and flew to
the outstretched finger
of the ruby
the magistrate raised his glass

“such is
the impermanence
of nests”

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead

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