Bewilderhof – 16

January 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 16

Chapter 16
– box is

he despised the times
a Ludditial gray ancient
always loath to introduce himself to modernity

the magistrate let
the bottle breath,
his ringed fingers rotated
the ornate ossuary to
address its occupant

“here you lay
dove felled
by hawk and
will continue to
hawk on that one thing
that by
any name,
comes from
cirri –
winning ice
standing before the
comics idiom to
jaw wildly and butterfly
against buffering wind
craftier for benefit
of invention
having died on
from frustration
from boredom
into my own struggle
to breach the citadel
proud to be
to any outcome
honored to mock incidence ”

he turned the tomb slowly
To follow its inlaid narrative
a Babylonian battle played out in precious stone
and abalone

“with wine
for my head, it is clear
I’ve cued this office
from this same city
for a generation
you are well
to rest in this

as it seems
of all that can be said
of your
devotion to
the idea of entering –
it is of that alone which
has ended you”

a thumb followed the contours
of horseback warmongers
“even then
archers and swordsmen
the branch is such a long time
missing –
pilfered from your beak
by those
of my particular
… ilk”

he closed the lid
and placed it into
a cardboard box

once sealed he set
it outside
his office door
and reached for a gold phone

‘mailroom’ he said aloud
‘extension 219’

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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