Bewilderhof – 15

January 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

Bewilderhof – 15

Chapter 15
– confluence

from some
where within a deep somewhere
steady 48 degrees
a flow
a constant a mother
to miniature columns
of mist that,
in rising,
bathed moss and birch
lichen and mushroom

the water eased back
the throttle of his mind
the water set

down the unlit path
thud of shutters
click of latch as

Double Duchess
her compact
and suggested
a spot
of dinner

she offered to lead
sloth to the house
each step toward the pale
silhouette twisted the screw
of fear deeper into his gut

stood by the spring
to their voices being
absorbed into the soundtrack
of the woods
a farewell chorus of cricket
and frog nearly thunderous

the crescent above
seemed to change hue
as the unlikely couple
reached the stairs

subsonic ripples reached
out and nudged fugitive awake
from the loft window he watched
them pass from dark of yard into pulsating glow of the entrance

inhaling deep as
the house seemed to shift
ever so slightly
on whatever dimensional
axis it traveled on

the choir below
and beyond
reached a crescendo

in a tower
above a street
in the city

a dead bird lay in
a lacquered box
on the mahogany desk
of a man consulting ledgers

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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