Bewilderhof – 12

January 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 12

Chapter 12
– pebbling

he fled dog dimension
submitting to
pull of the barn
entering through
an ancient red door
that opened
as if willed to do so

the familiar whine
was enough
fugitive stirred
from microsleep

he emerged
from behind the Massey,
his weight to one of
the tremendous
rusted wheels
stood and watched

he could make out the form
of Bewilderhof bent
over the bucket by the ladder
beseeching its
unrealistic depths
for answers
to questions
he had no capacity
to think of yet

he reached into his vest pocket
pulled out
a fistful of coins
choosing the silver dollar
for its rank among the lot,
he held it over the bucket
and let it drop

he would still be waiting
for the ring
of sterling on tin
if not for fugitive dragging
him back to what
passed as tangible reality
saying to a
startled slumped

“when building
towers to stars
even the smallest
of pebbles will suffice –
found or gifted,
they will find their place
nested among boulders
in any
season of loss,
the air too cold
to lift your hearthsmoke
above treetop,
shake a few from a pocket
gather a few
when bowed with grief
accept them
from tentative hands
as they multiply
place them
one above the other
destination upward”

clearly this was beyond
any comprehension he
could hope to have
he started rocking
back and forth
humming to himself

“we must” he said,
understanding well
the shock
in which
Bewilderhof was
currently enveloped,

“deal with our sensitivities
any way we can
they are the
center of a binary –
misshapen by the
constant battle of
independent minded

Bewilderhof did not look up
transfixed by mystery

“consider the
of your token
as one of those pebbles”

fugitives attention
went to
a low growl somewhere
beyond the walls

a baffled
shaking man
rocked by the ladder
his humming
growing louder

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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