Bewilderhof – 10

January 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Bewilderhof – 10

Chapter 10
– break broken brokered

4:37 p.m.

the first sound
to break from the overwhelming silence was something akin to
pages of ancient
turned by
a gloved hand


he walked toward it saw
a mark on the pane
a rivulet of
blood bird broken
dying on
ledge slow
wing moving like
a geisha fan

next, rasping exhalation
from his chest
still accelerated from
the experience of
the visit unexpected
they always were


he stood at the window
transfixed by
streams of
pin point
lights that had
gathered in a spiral
Chippendale and Goya

“I’ve noticed,
your eyes always
seem devoid of reflection,
for a magistrate of
your… longevity”
she said while
taking on
recognizable form

“what good is reflection?
intent is the currency I deal in”

she said nothing of this
at first 4:26 edges of her image still radiating a barely perceivable
aura hued in her name

“the exchange rate
has fallen
a bit as of late”
she said, sullenly
(for effect)

the life in her eyes
perfectly balanced
lack of it in his
“however, the sentry that your influence has brokered has been given his orders,
simple as they are –
object innocuous
kept from certain hands,
perfectly camouflaged
for the time,

what lands
at your feet at this
experiments conclusion
I know not”

as long as there is gain
– he thought

“greed is to be expected”
she said as the bird
hit the window 30 floors
above a city desolate


he did not
hear his own
reply to her

or anything else

until wing
brushed glass
4:37 p.m.

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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