Bewilderhof – 5

January 7, 2015 § Leave a comment


Chapter 5
– snared

his diet was to be found
kept up in cakes kiwi coffee
in pockets of
vest and jacket
in shirts and pants
“I should have me
self bake cookies” he said
“the ceiling urn
will be my cow”

diseases and other
things as
once believed
to have conspired to
knock him low, he
now thought
could be held offshore –
his island safe
thanks to pockets

the morning was nearly stretched as far as allowed

as he wandered the grounds
he traipsed to thoughts of:

“in as much as
have not a lot going,
now that
the tea is settled for
Double Duchess
now that
banners are starched
I could…”

with that
he drifted off
caught in the barns
tractor beam

‘toward the
ard the
ard the ba

a spider like mantra had mounted his amygdaloid
mass and worked it as it would a fly

‘to ward
war dth eb…’

a cloud of swallows
took flight the barn
door slid to the side
the rollers (rusty) sounded
like a rabbit,
frightened in thicket,
caught in a snare

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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