Bewilderhof – 4

January 5, 2015 § 2 Comments

Chapter 4
– Bewilderhof tries to ‘splain

“I just want to fend
off the results
at the end”
Bewilderhof bemoaned

“sure you do”
fugitive offered
“as sushi might say
‘we are fish belittled’ –
but, can you hope to
retain yourself
if made to
chauffeur the snag?
corundums’ riches
can make one cold
despite positions
I’m told she can buy”

Bewilderhof wished his
noisier eye would burn out
and muttered about
having no
friends to swirl,
to which
fugitive offered

“you have
this house and barn
have the
meeting shed
have a
legacy of
lunacy longer
than most, and

the house,
the house,
any right
minded ghost would
vie for the chance at
its haunting”

I’ve shuffed
along her creaky
planks too long
– thought B’hof

“I have a tiring, a fatigue that has worn me out, if you have ever experienced that kind of candle snuffing, that is what I feel, so we’ll have to address my ties to this ‘stead later”

with that
his heel turned him,
leaving fugitive
to ponder all
things fugity

there by the bucket
near the ladder
leading to the loft

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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