Bewilderhof- 3

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

Chapter 3
– kiwi…

from shadows

“I know this
freedom is
masked juju yet how
could I not love it?
in my darkened heart I
it will most likely become
a 40 karat irk because

I see
hidden cameras and
I see
purse stuffing juries and
I see
unjust ratio and

I know that I’m just another
seed falling through the
universal oviduct,
heading for baffling kennels
overcrowded with the hungered”

who took stock of his pockets at the word hungered

looked up and said
“I don’t think the wheel will stop on your number on the next go ’round
jinxed, you are
I have no doubt”

“what is needed is
a scirocco of reason”
fugitive continued

“to convey
us wholly away
to some intellectual oasis
in this Sahara of dunderheads”

thinking kiwi to be
the most wonderful
of all the fruits

ate one taken from
his pocket
and mumbled
through the juice

“how it does spin then,
doesn’t it?”

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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