Bewilderhof – 1

January 3, 2015 § Leave a comment


Chapter 1
– encounter with Sloth

the home had been
made unseemly
by such matters
which is why
there was
benched desire –
he moved to augment
the point by
keying up direness there
he said “but I am out of bids”

“why yes” said Sloth,
“and word is
the double duchess ruby,
she with the carried dishes,
who, I’ve heard,
wilded fish on off days
will unbar the fugitive,
she directed as
much in letters
to the magistrate”

then stubbing off
to the gym
– strictly for purpose
of having to
keep image intact

he left behind
bear baiting thoughts
it was there,
all of it,

in a bucket
set by the ladder
leading to the loft

for later retrieval
by the bail jump

“I will not”
thought Bewilderhof
“venture to investigate,
best to keep some
details muddied”

(c) 2015 Fred Whitehead


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