March 26, 2014 § 2 Comments

there is a caldera preparing to split the thin membrane that has contained fury for a millennia

on delivery
a collective
“why me?”
will resonate above
the maelstrom –

is what the punch line
will sound like

a brief hush will settle
over the crowd
before they get it


(c) 2014 Fred Whitehead


§ 2 Responses to 32614

  • John Stevens says:

    An eye-catching, mind-blowing opening Fred, and then this trajectory towards laughter at the close. You got me thinking there.
    (Forgive the suggestion – and delete this bit please – but why “a millennia”? Were you hesitating between millennia and millennium

    • Good question John. I think I like the way it sounded ending on a shorter vowel sound instead of the longer “mmm” And the way it mirrors the “a” in caldera. At first I thought millennium sounded good going into the next line – “on…” as the “um on” kind of reminded me of “amen” which in turn reflects the feeling at the end of the poem Thanks for reading it so closely, I appreciate that. Sent from my iPhone


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