belly up

December 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

I realize
it is a daily struggle,
trying to stay happy and all,
but the way I see it –
if I’m happy most of the time
it puts the odds in my
favor to achieve that
often talked about wish
which is:
to die a happy man

so, as long as I don’t croak
while changing a water pump
when it’s 25 degrees outside

or go belly up
during an argument
concerning payment for poorly rendered services with a corporate representative stationed in a call center cubicle in Mumbai,
I should be o.k.

landing face down in my
yard on a warm June morning,
the scent of the
fertile soil of my garden
being my final
of this world,
that would be alright I suppose

laying the on the couch,
a book sliding from
my dead hand
to signal, with a thump,
the shedding of my
mortal coil
would not, in my opinion,
be a bad exit either

the irritation of a flaming crash
caused by a texting
teenage driver
would never do

nor a fall from the roof
because I was too
much of a tightwad to hire
a professional to patch the chimney

but, a clot silently pulling off
a nefarious hit job
while I’m walking by the lake
or actually
busting a gut laughing,
sure, that’ll work

of how I am sent
into unknowable beyond,

if I’m lucky to have
the last thing I hear be
a gentle “good night”
in a familiar loving voice,
that alone will
be plenty enough
for me

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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