between stations with the reviewer

December 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

ooo! I liked that one!

I look up

did you get to the part
where the bemused shopkeeper
pushes his hat back to get
at his brow with the handkerchief?

what? I say

if not, she says,
you are going to want
to stop there and
skip ahead to the scene
with the pigeons
and the rickshaw drivers wife
that is where
the plot really
starts to come together

I say to her as I close the book

as a matter of fact, she continues,
forget chapter seven altogether
but pay close attention to
the doings of the Croatian twins
at the end of chapter twelve

I slide the book into my coat pocket

oh, and before I forget,
(though I doubted very much if
that was even a possibility)
in case you start to wonder if there
is a connection between the farmhand that is introduced in chapter fifteen
and the heart surgeons
personal assistant from
the Chicago interlude
well, there’s not…
well, not really,
so far as I could tell anyway

oh good, I say, looking at my watch

I bet you will enjoy the end
that is, of course,
if you are into
that kind of thing

oh, here’s my stop,
I lie

I see her
finger wave from
the window as the bus pulls away

I smile and nod
as I toss the book
into a trash can,
lean against a street lamp
and wait for the uptown 4:15

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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