November 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

before I went to the window
with the intent to drop a
shade on the eyes of night

I had pissed away
most of the evening
trying to compose
witty, well crafted
couplets reflecting
observations of my day

first I tried doing so
in the recliner
whistling air over the neck
of a bottle of ale, wishful
notes deepening with each sip
but thoughts refused to
dance as I had hoped they would
regardless of the tune

I moved the operation
to the sofa
cushions keeping me upright,
pen and journal on my belly
domestic long hair
curled between my feet but
like a surrealist film,
all that surfaced were disjointed
scenes and indecipherable dialogue
So I gave the desk a shot

my fingers drumming the keyboard
trying to set a rhythm that
would summon words forth

not a single phrase
gave a solid performance,
I threw in the towel

as light pulled away from the yard
I hooked a finger in the pull ring and watched a squirrel bury
something for later

when he finished
I swear he gestured to the spot
as if to suggest a simple
remedy to my dilemma

not a bad idea at that, I thought

I left the shade
where it was
and turned toward bed


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