walking it off

October 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

where is it written
that there is ease in
staying joyful
in the midst of trial?

of course
I would like
to have rendered something a
bit more effective than
just a curse upon the cretins
responsible for the sudden
down turn in my prospects
for peaceful,
comfortable existence

nope, no doubt about it

so I took to walking

to wear off that
all too human impulse
to leave the guilty
irreparably broken
by the side of a service road
for local hounds
of the feral variety
to snarl and pick over

to temper the boiler
to cool the jets
to check…
you get the idea

it took a while for
the walking to work, but
around six miles in I
began to think about
prison conditions in general
and those in
federal penitentiaries

thoughts which put a slump
in the shoulders
of my grand operation

at six point three
the shame my family
would have to bear
crossed my mind

by the seven mile mark I had
calculated, roughly, the number
of man hours that it would take
to eradicate such a large number
of miscreant’s involved here
and that figure
seemed a bit daunting
to say the least

around mile nine
I realized something
that I had forgotten-
even so much as viewing
a brush burn makes me squeamish
so I turned toward home

down the miles
to point zero again

where I would sit,
having nearly
exhausted my hatred,
and let each
ker thump of my over exerted
heart tally another another wish
for karma to get
off it’s ass and
take care of business
as promised

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


§ One Response to walking it off

  • Leo says:

    Very well said. I have been struggling for almost two months to muster forgiveness wondering if any anguish I might been able to inflict through “legal” action would be of benefit to myself or others. I think I will take the high ground and let it be but certainly not without a nice little lecture on ethics and moral obligations! Leo

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