September 19, 2013 § 4 Comments

I feel compelled to mention
that aquatic unicorn of the arctic,
the narwhal

so, there you have it

I always figured I would
one day,
without much explanation,
fit this wondrous creature
into a bit of verse

I mean, what self respecting
part time poet wouldn’t?
while I’m at it
I might as well dreamily add
a bit about
lemon oil,
Emily’s obsession with white
and the phrase
blue eyed, elusive cicada

oh, also how,
while absently gathering material,
I seem to have noticed
that a rusty hinge
chirps like a chickadee,
acorn caps are somewhat
asiatic in fashion
and that I’ve acquired a habit
of moving my arm like a cobra
as I finger
an ancient melody on
an invisible pungi

so, yes,
the narwhal
who may be,
at this very moment,
cruising beneath
pack ice
composing lines
about strange
bi-pedal land creatures
who spend an inordinate
amount of hours
nearly nothing

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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