February 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

despair spreads gangrenous
miserable lichen on abandon gateway jewel gut wrenched renters writhe in gutted cityscape cat gut sewn shut eyes she had open when she showed for us once the way
from mother labor to familial table stocked end to end with the reward from work from work for work my uncle lived there once he said he went went there for work we would go with our windows rolled up right out of Windsor tunnel in the tunnel it is brighter than out of tunnel out to where my uncle lived there my fathers brother said he lived but I’m not sure he did if it was life it was busted it is only rust he said tighten the belt and watch your breath pour through shotgunned holes the shutters shut mouths stutter long along calls for tourniquet for suture for a future for gauze at least
cauterize it goddamit don’t just walk away and say it is only a memory
that there was a time the angels of the river sang Speramus Meliora and
the promise of
Resurget Cineribus rang from the cathedral crowned neighborhoods a small memory that there was once a light and where there is light you can fight the blight that right now tests the length of time a child named for the river can bleed before time itself declares enough and snuffs the candle of hope and weighs the ashes
of all that held out until the end

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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