February 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

my brothers and I
would fight and
dad used to call it

his pattern during
these scuffles, initially,
was to deploy a
simple observe and analyze tactic
occasionally dropping a corner
of the paper to check
for any escalation
in the hostilities

if tensions grew
his hand would slowly move,
fingers twitching over
the wooden handle
of his recliner
eyes fixed on the threat –
ready to draw

you would hear
the slap
of a palm hitting the handle
a millisecond before
the quick
clunk! ka thunk!
as the chair would
launch him
halfway across the room

his arms wide
his fists clenched
his legs in a
bowlegged stomp

like the star
of a documentary
on the territorial habits
of some great Borneo ape

we would briefly attempt
to air our grievances
but the enraged beast
cared not
had but one purpose

and that was to
force a truce upon us
and rid his territory
of any continued threat
to its peace


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