February 5, 2013 § 2 Comments

he came to each of them,
clapped his hands
and pronounced
“you will be known as…

and just like that
they all had names.

after these
were handed out,
after the excitement of
this confusing gift
settled out,
Lilith went to each
of the animals and
listened as they clumsily
spoke them for
the first time.

these are not
necessary, a few proclaimed,
rolling their eyes
and sniffing at the sounds
they made,
for we know what we are and
we are
well aware
of who we are
would she, they asked,
be willing to
keep a list of
each name that they
will come up with
for her and her husband?

ten thousand names
each in a different language

surely, they said,
our labels for you
mean just as much
as yours for us
would you not agree?

and besides,
you will get over
the insult in time
just as we will,
eventually names
will hold
no meaning
in this place

and we can all get
back to the
business of just
being as one

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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