January 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

mountains erode
mountains rise
most likely at
roughly the same rate

truth be told,
even if I knew how to
calculate this number
I would not –
laziness or indifference
I suppose being the reason
it is just one more of
those things I think
about from time to time

things like
how many hummingbirds
would it take
to extricate a ’68
Coup DeVille
from a muddy ditch

or when will the children
of Abraham stop acting
like children

things like
how many newborn breaths
would it take
to inflate
the Bullwinkle Thanksgiving Day
parade balloon

or, on that slow drift
to the bottom of
the channel,
is an understanding
of affection
passed between
the manatee and
the unsuspecting
snorkeler ensnared
in the kind-faced
beasts hug

oh yes,
things such as that
and this,

what will I ever do
in the idleness of
the day
should these questions
suddenly stop.

(c) 2013 Fred Whitehead


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