apologies to a violet

December 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

the cat just blinks
at my question
“now when did this die?”

she lowers her head to her paws
as I bring the remains
in close for visual autopsy

it feels lighter now
as if something has
departed other
than just the water
that held its soil
in order

I remember watering it
just the other day
however, my
just the other days
are just as easily
just last week
last month…
the distant past

how many more victims
of my sporadic care
will go the way of
this once vibrant violet?

that’s the thing with attentiveness
you have to pay attention
another measure of focus
that never fails to elude me

still, as if it was some
vegetable based Lazarus
I water it –
too much so

leaving the cat
to lap at the pool that
spreads out
around the ceramic pot

like a mourner
helping herself to a cup of tea
at a funeral breakfast

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