December 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t know what
it is like to step out
of this body and
into another

no, I don’t

I also don’t
think it impossible
exactly –
it may be that
I just lack
the ability to clear
my mind enough
to allow that kind of thing

then again,
if I had the gift
I know I would be
fraught with my usual
faced with the same
immobilizing confusion
that I have
when my wife hands
me the folder we keep
the takeout menus in
and asks me to choose dinner

I would sit cross legged on the bed
flipping through page after page
of unnaturally glossy
portraits of
steak and chicken and pastas
and soups and sauces
until she started in
with the drumming of fingers
or impatient sighing noises

finally, if things went
as with the menus,
I would just
jump into the first
body that came along
to end the frustration

and then
my lovely bride would
spend a quiet Friday meal
with a nun
or perhaps a package
delivery man (most likely
hunched over a bowl of
butternut squash soup
and an order of onion rings)

her hopes of a normal
as deflated as the
body draped over
a chair
awaiting my return


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