to bed

December 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

there I was,
the kitchen island
my only support after
eighteen hours of
the way it is
I popped a wedge
of lime
into the neck
of the bottle,
watched the amber fizz
and wondered about
the mad directors
of this world
and the amount
of energy they waste
tweaking their stories
to drive public
all this worry
all the concern of
the actions of others
the balance of fairness
and slight
the rules and again the rules
and dissertations
by the swayed
all of them barely able
to stand, having dragged
themselves through
the swamp of their day
an acidic swallow
as I pull the blind down
another as I fill
the cats dishes
a third as I turn out the light
I set the bottle
next to the sink
the lime resting in its
final home, and
to bed


§ One Response to to bed

  • Leo says:

    Do I smell Corona on your breath? I tire of the over the top rhetoric and pushed agendas but I’ve finally come to accept that that is the only way things get done in a free democratic state like ours; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Hope you had a good rest. Squeak..squeak.. Leo

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