December 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

if Monet were to walk up,
set his kit down
in front of me
and gesture to the
landscape before us with
his hat
maybe then I would understand
capture it fast
before it’s gone
or if I found myself
in a room with Miles
and he was in the mood
to show me, then
I would understand
soulfully is how to
tell of all
you’ve seen
Emmett Kelly I’m sure
would have a few things to say
but he wouldn’t say anything,
not Emmett
but, then I would understand
the eyes, that
is all it takes
sometimes, to
the music
the majesty
the art
in time, it will all
fall into place
and I will learn
to focus on the masterpiece
and learn how to
speak of it
in ways it deserves


§ One Response to focus

  • John Stevens says:

    That’s a hope we must all, surely, share: “in time it will all fall into place”. I love that opening line too “If Monet were to walk up …” – what better start could there be?!

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