to contend

December 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

it’s hard to set it down
hard to
set it down and
walk away –

almost a spiritual
of the dynamics
of mutual

but, if you take the time
to really think about it
facing the cold alone
is not that
new of a concept

just ask a Yeti
always depicted knee
deep in a Himalayan
snow bank
fisting the air like
an aging rocker
left behind in the
stadium of his mind

or the spruce,
who, as a seed ,
was deposited just
a smidgen
above the tree line
where he was made to grow
apart and yet
always in sight of family

it’s hard
but, if you set it there
out in the open and
walk away now
it will be there

the next fractured
who happens by this way

2012 Fred Whitehead


§ 2 Responses to to contend

  • Leo says:

    an aging Yeti rocker?….like that image! We’re all really alone and needy; some just refuse to accept it and try to surround themselves with noise and distractions constantly. If a person can’t survive on his own, can he survive (be content) with others…..? Too early in the morning for such stuff. Leo

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