simply dealing

December 4, 2012 § 4 Comments

there are going
to be times –
plenty, I tell you

when the exhaustion
of simply dealing
will be enough
to compress
your spine
and leave you
listing quite
off center as you
click off the steps to
your eventual

and, true enough
you are likely to forget
how daylight smells
after a rain
or the subtle way
a cello steers harmony
through a
particularly stunning

time itself will seem
to morph into an
odd, slow moving
creature with
judgmental eyes

a thing
that cannot be avoided
and cares not
or degree of

if it comes at all,
is typically priced
just north
of your comfortable
range of acceptance

but, accept it you will
all you can do
all you must do
is ride with
your head above
the waves
and never lose sight
of shore


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