just a walk

December 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

it’s just a walk,
I said,
no effort at all, really
we won’t have to
concern ourselves with
pace or distance
or where we end up

I said, what do you say?
we can head anywhere
you wish
we can go to those years
when a footbridge across
a slow moving creek
was all the world
we needed, and
the willows
the cat-tails
all the company
we desired

we can make our way along
the edges of our schooling and
apprenticeships and the nights of fitful grappling as we tried
to focus on the ever changing
perspective of love

or we can pass the afternoon
strolling by our kids
there on the lawns and streets
of their growing
stopping on the sidewalk to listen
to their laughter
I can hold your hand as
we hear them interpret the
world in ways we have forgotten

and, my dear lady,
if you are up to it,
there is always
that dimly lit path

through the shadows of our
middle years, the ones
where our time
was a meal we served
on a table that
stretched to the horizon
with chairs that
never seemed to empty
a meal where we
partook of crumbs
when circumstance allowed

I, for one, take that path
if nothing else but to
to remind myself
that remedies are
invented everyday for the
illnesses we bring upon

like I said,
it’s just a walk
I’d rather not
take alone


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