you can’t see it

November 27, 2012 § 5 Comments

you can’t see it
from that vantage point

no, from behind
of Proper Status
and self promoted
renown, you are blind

I am, of course, talking
about the way your
children, raised in finery,
polished to reflect
your carefully
structured image
are so drawn to
the unglamorous

you do not see them
as they slip back into
your shadow –
dawns break on the doors
of their indoctrination
doors opened as silently
as possible after nights
dodging guards patrolling
borders of caste

a bit disheveled, their lips
glossy with the wet of
the unwelcome
dragging dirt of dissent
across your marble floors
leaving crumbs of their
curiosity for you
to follow

trails leading to the
of your intolerance


§ 5 Responses to you can’t see it

  • Leo says:

    “dodging guards patrolling boarders of caste” especially like this line…the young really are the hope of the world as much as it pains me, at times, to say it. I surmise, you might remember the sixties? We did change our country and our job now is not to let people forget that and to cheer on the kids…..Yea! Yea! I’m finished now. Leo

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