saving the day

November 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

so I say to the guy
I go,
I’ve picked this day
clean, you know
and I’ve done
all someone
of my limited capacity
could do
to keep it
from a ruinous end

he nodded in agreement –
the way someone
in a grocery store nods
absently to the person
in front of them
in the cashier line,

just nodding
and uh-huhing away
as they are subjected to
lamentations about the price
of apricots or
the inefficiency of the cashier

and this nod
was familiar to me

there on sidewalk –

his face emitting all the
emotion of a
chalkboard eraser

so I told him
to have a good night,
stepped over the
half a dog attached
to his wrist
and went into the house
still proud
of my accomplishment
just the same


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