September 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

this is a bit of an experiment. I plan on periodically adding to and revising this piece. It will be a rambling, at times disjointed collection of thoughts and observations.


twisted metropolis pathways serpentine in blind reversal as the millionth way the sun could fall marks demise of day – still, stars cloisonné the sky – grime rates rise in bunkered taverns where practitioners of boister believe bullet point proverbs as they once did school yard scripture – all televised fang lined jaws work at grinding grain of propagandized punditry – overflowing plastique lips – spilling onto corporate shirted fronts – pistons of politico steam pumps pound dust into corroded eye –
you have got to dig before you bury, have got to plot before you dig –
have got to see before you plot –
have got to wear the stigma that: as it gets bigger it gets as it goes –
but the kept blind are picked up on daylit streets –
black Marias don’t stop to let riders out to wonder about size or direction of highways – it’s all a matter of getting down to the stiff shop and checking burial suits for imperfections – collars for garrote – cuffs for serrated wrist – funerary bliss for dismissed indentured children of golden mislaid promise –
boxes stacked in underturf warehouses awaiting indexing – marked reminders for comrades in harm – while above shattered backs on tattered pant legs mark miles one heel drag at a time – and knotted canes in spotted hands tap out time alongside shuffled steps – through dust to where mothers seem to vaguely recall holding babes in days before fissures spiderwebbed the prairies – death is etched in clouds that are not clouds -formations rain molecular metal –

2012 Fred Whitehead


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