well, that’s eleven so far

August 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

from behind the table of
unsold books I look out
at the sea of illiterati
swaying drunk on
the lawn in front of
The Casino Building
as it is known

my only entertainment
is provided by an ill designed
step leading to
where we hapless
merchants languish in
our assigned area

this nefarious riser
is, by my reckoning,
a good two and an eighth inches
taller than the others before it

giving the hootenanny set
just enough time to get
comfortable with
their inebrious navigation upward

then I watch over the rim
of my reading glasses
as one after
another goes down
eyes wide
mouths open in preparation
for cursing the world

plastic glasses of beer
and an occasional hot dog
jettisoned from hands that
are instinctively
repositioned for impact

it’s not a long or a hard fall
for any of them
the only thing facing damage
would have been pride
had it not been drowned three
beers ago

no, they get up, all
and stagger off
leaving me to lick the tip
of my pencil as would
any good accountant
before making another hash mark
on the napkin in front of me

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