a man of much importance

August 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

a Mephistophelian exchange
was made
on the path
that cut through
the bottomland of your
bludgeoned youth
as witness, the flowers
clipped by your
watch the change
from where you have
laid them aside, clinging
to each other
like the dead of Pompeii
in ossuaries made
from crystallized tears
of betrayal
for a while you’ll seem
better for it
your mind anesthetized against
outside influences
of decency
you’ll have time
to funnel your intent
through the tapering
channel of life
warehousing proof of
your hierarchy
in manors built on the
leveled homesteads
of gentle
until the day comes
when you stand as a pillar of
dust, your visage
seething at the light,
anguish echoing
in the vast hall of collections,
your legacy defiling
the records of man
and when you ask
for the last time
Don’t you know who I am?
your name, an anathema,
will be displayed like
a head on a pike

2012 Fred Whitehead


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