July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

it’s easy falling in love
with the lady in the front row

wearing that same look
she always does
when riding me
about slowing down or
telling me to take
an afternoon nap

and I must say
she’s never looked lovelier

so, I’ll go ahead and submit
to her oft suggested nap
on this nice velvet lining
and the pillow is fine enough
bunching comfortably around
my stiffening ears
and as I drift into that
much sung about slumber

I can hear muted chatter
the laughs I hoped would drown
out any sobs
and the director practicing
the lines I wrote as a blanket
apology and heart felt thank you,
purposely secular
and wise-assy enough so
there will be no suspicion
of it being ghostwritten
though, in a way
I suppose it was

as the morning winds down
and the children get antsy
I wish only
to be remembered
in the quietest moments

and for at least one of the
bearers of the box to have
his shirt tail hanging out
or his tie tied wrong


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