the way things fit lately

June 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

today it was the confinement of my boots
and how they seemed to shrink
– most notably as noon approached
and my steps grew shorter

yesterday it was the way
I had to keep hitching
up my pants, having
forgotten my belt
which was, I discovered still
secured in the loops
of my “good jeans” on the floor
next to the bed

last Wednesday, as I was unloading
a truck, I became aware of the looseness of
the skin around my neck and
the manner in which my ears
have taken to sagging
there is now considerable give
in these areas
I took note of this as I wiped
the sweat away

and lately it seems
the shape of my witicisms don’t
slide into spaces in conversation
as easily as they used to

this is, however, all fine enough

for I realize my anger
doesn’t fit me any more either

now it generally hangs
on a peg in the back hall

next to my tattered
wild expectations
my work worn dreams
and that old green hat of envy
that seemed
so fashionable in my youth


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