the general, with twig in hand

April 25, 2012 § 4 Comments

drawing pictures of
ancient battles in the dirt
shifting between worlds

a moment in the present
but for only a moment
then back to glory

his glory as it was
laid out for us on the ground
battle lines and fronts

armored divisions
the trenches and finally
him, above it all


§ 4 Responses to the general, with twig in hand

  • John Stevens says:

    This works very well. It also reminds me of Uncle Toby in ‘Tristram Shandy’ – great comic character reliving his military days after retiring with his mysterious war wound!

  • Thomas Davis says:

    I think I’ve known this guy, though I believe he is a rare one. The guy who relives his war experiences over and over again and likes to tell about them. My father was not like that nor are most of those I know who have been to war. Mostly they avoid talking about their war experiences altogether, preferring to concentrate on the life they took up after their war and sometimes before their war. This is a really powerful poem with wonderful language.

  • I love the feeling of remeniscence & pride.

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