April 17, 2012 § 1 Comment


boredom overtook me
so I did a self portrait
opting to do so in
colored pencils and crayons

given my skill set it seemed
less dangerous than, say, welding
together a sculpture of myself
out of bits of abandoned cars
and fencing – a striking monument
composed of scrap –
of a youthful me
posed heroically
with one hand to brow
a musket in the other

I thought, maybe,
a collage
of my visage fashioned from
magazine ads and macaroni
would be interesting
however, there seemed to be
a lack of noodles in the pantry

so I kept it simple
using the pencils and crayons
found in a coffee can

and, while leaning back deeply
into the pillows on the couch
I captured myself
on a scrap of parchment
in hues such as
rouge pavot and


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