one more thing

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

since you have asked

I may have forgotten
to mention
a particular part
of the story

how I would take up
a cup of coffee
and walk the planked
walk down to
and beyond the dune line

this, before the sun graced
the horizon
this, below fading constellations
this, as mother turtles
returned to the surf

without looking back
at the mounds
of sand that marked
the places where they
had labored

did I touch upon
how the feeding
birds seemed to be
in a contra dance
with the waves?
this comparison
came to me as I walked

my feet following
no set path
among the deposited shells

did we talk at all about
the way the air
felt lighter there?
if not, my apologies,
but the air most
certainly felt
lighter there

and, if I failed to mention
how the ocean sounded
like a choir
you will have to forgive
me, my mind
tends to veer off
on occasion
my thoughts helplessly
tossed about
with other debris
gathered on that
shore there

anyway, the turtles
the mounds
and as I’ve said,
the beach

and eventually the sun
did arrive

breaking the plane
of dawn
illuminating me
as I tried to
forget the city


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